top 15 tips to organising a fireworks displaytop 15 tips to organising a fireworks display

Organising a Fireworks Display

A fireworks display should be exciting and spectacular, but of course they need extensive planning and organising to ensure the night runs smoothly. Our advice will help make the process much easier.

Before the event takes place

One of the most important things to consider is who will be in charge of operating the display and are they legal and responsible to do so? If you’re having a fireworks display by yourself, you should only light category 1, 2 and 3 as category 4 can only be used by professional display operators. See the law.

It is a common fact that firework displays take place in our back garden, but you have to consider if your garden is big enough for your display. Do you have enough space for firework debris to land, away from viewers? If not, you may have to choose somewhere else for the event to take place. Check out safety tips.

Buy your fireworks online for affordable prices

Before the big evening comes, you will need to obtain the fireworks from a reputable supplier. We suggest using The Fireworks Shop as they hand pick and test all fireworks to ensure their customers get the best display possible. Get more information about firework displays.

As well as this, they can advise you on storage, disposal and laws regarding fireworks. Call 01772 877860 to purchase fireworks from a registered supplier.

What to do on the day of the firework display

On the day that the event is supposed to take place, check weather conditions and the wind direction to ensure the site has been set up properly so any dangers have been minimised.

Once you have done this, mark off the firing off zone so nobody can gain access to this dangerous site, especially children and pets. Click here to find out how keep your pets safe.

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