Health & Wellbeing

2D has over the past three years developed various products under the banner of health and well being development. These products are aimed at primary schools, and have been developed in partnership with schools and as part of the Health and Well being and play work, which is an element of 2D’s portfolio of work.  To date we have delivered in 15 schools.

The Health and Well being products are as follows:

Social & Emotional Well-being Programme– this is a 12 week programme consisting of twelve 1hr workshops that are engineered to help improve the confidence and self esteem of children and to also teach them coping strategies against things such as bullying, parental separation, bereavement, stress and anxiety etc.

Bullying awareness programme – delivered over 12hrs this is a programme designed to inform children of issues around bullying, for instance why bullying takes place and how to deal with it. The programme involves working with all year groups via a series of informative and interactive lessons. A focus group is then formed who work on a presentation to be performed in a school assembly.

Family Learning through Play – a series of fun and informative workshops over 5 sessions for children and their parents around the benefits of play and how it helps child development and strengthens the family unit. The project then culminates with a day trip for the families who have accessed the programme.

Alcohol Awareness – this programme highlights the risks and laws surrounding alcohol. The programme is for Year 6 pupils.

For more information on how to get these courses in your school please contact Micheal Dixon on 01388 762220 or email

Some of the Feedback so far

Mr. Baines (Teacher) – “Staff in school were pleased with the overall programme offered by 2D. Certain children made great progress with their confidence as a result of the programme, particularly Niamh and Connor. Mr. Greenfield was pleased the children had the opportunity to explore feelings, emotions and discuss their own issues in a small, safe group environment. He also commented on the kind, helpful and accommodating support workers. Given the opportunity to take part or put children forward for another programme of work like this, Mr. Greenfield would have no hesitation in doing so or recommending your work to others.”

Miss Patterson (Teacher) – “I think the sessions worked really well with the group. Some children were very negative towards participating and had low self esteem but by the end of the course I saw an improvement in some of their attitudes to how they viewed themselves. Some children got more out of it than others but on the whole I think it was a valuable course and the children really enjoyed it.”

“Lovely to experience enjoyment with your own children and other parents children”.

“Encourages parents to realise that spending time with your children and not needing to spend money is more valuable”.

“It’s a reminder about how a bit of time and imagination is so important”.